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Bob Snyder
"Gospel Music"

Bob Snyder Tour Bus
The Bob Snyder Tour Bus

   "Bob Snyder is beyond question the finest clarinet player I have ever heard. When he plays "Amazing Grace" the notes speak. It is not just music, it is inspiration. You will be blessed by the music of Bob Snyder. After hearing him play, I am finally convinced, the clarinet and saxophone will make it to heaven."

Dr, John Sullivan
Executive Director - Treasurer
Florida Baptist Convention

Dear Bob

   I can't thank you enough for all you did to make the "Legends" Breakfast a great success. We have had so many great comments from the sponser, John Sykes and the guests who were in attendance.

   The tapes you donated for the tables were a big hit. I am still sending your address to individuals who expressed an interset in purchasing your CD's. You added such class to our entire event and we thank you for that. Be sure and relay our thanks to the rest of the band members.

   I am enclosing a copy of the piece regarding our breakfast in the Tampa Bay Tribune - Sports Section on Sunday morning. I thought you might find it interesting.

   Again, thanks for a job well done. Looking forward to working with you many more times in the future. Be sure and give our love to Jan.

Kathy Scheuerman
Breakfast Coordinator

Dear Mr. Snyder.

   A special thank you for your generosity which is allowing Brenda Nelson, one of our 5th grade girls to go to church camp this summer. Without this money, it would be financially impossible for her family to send her. Her father had a leg amputated last year and they are living on social security. She's`very excited about it and I'm sure will find the experiance enjoyable and rewarding.

Dorothy Gullickson
Director of Christian Ed.

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